In your mind’s eye liquid fantasies, I induce while making you believe it’s from your will, and not from mine.

I am the collective consciousness of a place where time does not exist.

Call me Aphrodite.

I am of Passion and Lust,

I’m the Desire you can’t suppress.

I control your daydreams, fantasies and imagination.

I am the Conductor you are my instruments.

All the world is playing my symphony.

I’m the Puppet Maîtresse.

I pull the strings that make you dance.

All Men and Women are connected to the strings I pull,

that make you dance to my tunes.

Call me not Mistress,

as Maîtresse is my name.

I have need not of body, nor of form to Rule.

But when you are least prepared…

And if you listen very carefully

You know it is I whispering…


  1. slavekelly says:


    The words dance across the screen, seducing…



  2. writingthebody says:

    I see you have bdsm in the tags….so Maitresse, well it does kindle a fire or two….well, speaking of such, I am offering you an award….for the fact you read me….


  3. So! That was you…thanks for all those inspirations (and whispers).

    You stuck your tongue in my ear…and licked my Id.


  4. This is magical all in its own right… Your Talent is amazing 🙂


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