Share The Love Award

        I am Enchanted. The Writing The Body ( has bestowed me with this Endearing Award.

As I graciously accept his Kind and Thoughtful gesture.

I must complete the following: Answer the following questions & Pass this Award to 11 Blogger’s 

1.  Name an enduring sorrow, something that has lasted for over a year

January 26, 1982 the death of my 14 year old brother Robert from Reye’s Syndrome.

2. Best song that captures an enduring sorrow

Sting Angel Eye’s

3.  Band with the best lyrics


Track Listing
1. Your Love Is King 0:00:00
2. Hang On To Your Love 0:03:39
3. Smooth Operator 0:08:12
4. Jezebel 0:12:30
5. The Sweetest Taboo 0:17:56
6. Is It a Crime 0:22:19
7. Never As Good As The First Time 0:28:36
8. Love Is Stronger Than Pride 0:32:35
9. Paradise 0:36:54
10. Nothing Can Come Betweeen Us 0:40:30
11. No Ordinary Love 0:44:24
12. Like A Tatto 0:51:43
13. Kiss Of Life 0:55:20
14. Please Send Me Someone To Love 0:59:30
15. Cherish The Day 1:3:12
16. Pearls 1:09:3

4.  Band with the best music

Pink Floyd

5. How do you relate to nature? I mean do you need it, trees, lakes, seas, mountains etc.

I’m a creature of comfort.. I stay indoors with air conditioning and relax in a comfy chair.

6. Appliance you cannot do without.


7. Have you ever been bullied?  describe it (if you feel ok that is)


8.  Did you ever sleep with someone because that would be easier than telling that person or persons, no?  Describe that…if you feel ok


9. is there a painter you like?  Link please…

Hieronymus Bosh

Jackson Pollack


10.  favourite you tube clip…link please


11.  Most masochistic thing about you…..this is me after all …. describe if you feel ok.

I’m Married With Children. I’m a true “Peg Bundy”..  A cigarette dangling from my lips, with an ash ready to fall on to whatever is in my path. Unlike “Peg” I’m neither miserable nor unfulfilled.


The Award Goes To The Following Blogger’s

1. My Dear Friend, and Sister on our path to Sexual Enlightenment Kelly (slavekelly)

2. My Friend Alice, as I vicariously follow in her BDSM Adventures.

3. My Friend,  Man Behind the Mask whose poetic words are Music to my ears.

4. DominatSoul who has enlightened my sensuality within BDSM.

5. Elene Sallinger, Thank you so much for guiding me to avenues to enrich my writings.

6. Dreamlanddancing, My Muse

7. Gabriel thank you for allowing me into your world.

8. (Not) Invisible Woman, You’re an Amazing Woman

9. Seamus, I have a connection to your writings.

10. Kraftedkhaos for providing educational, and informative Information in the BDSM lifestyle

11. G, Thank you for giving us “Boobday”. Who doesn’t enjoy viewing beautiful breasts.




  1. slavekelly says:

    Congratulations – and, thank you.

    I am honored to be your sister on the path of enlightenment. May our journey never end.

    Kelly 🙂


  2. EleneSallinger says:

    Congratulations and I’m honored for the nomination.


  3. Yes, thanks to our lovely Jonny
    and thank you for my award, perhaps we are both slowly progressing along our paths xx


  4. […] lovely Anastasia from Astraltraveler has bestowed upon me the Share the Love Award. Thank you so very much, A. It’s appreciated. […]


  5. KraftedKhaos says:

    Thank you so much! I’m flattered and honored!
    I’m so behind it’s taking me forever to catch up. No more month-long hiatus’ for me!


    • Dear Krafted Khaos,
      It’s My Pleasure, Enjoy : )
      I certainly understand, and for the record I too will not be going away for 3 weeks either Trying to catch up to 600 emails, I’m up for the challenge! : )
      Your Friend,


      • KraftedKhaos says:

        The worst part is that I’ve lost a lot of my readers that I had worked so hard to build up. I guess I’ll have to start all over again from scratch, but I really appreciate the fact you stuck with me… most likely because you were gone for several weeks as well, the lack of posting wasn’t as noticeable to you, lol! Best of luck on catching up with your correspondence! A little bit at a time will get the job done!



      • Dear Krafted Khaos,
        Not to worry, those Loyal will stick by you through Thick & Thin. BTW how was the Retreat? I would Love to hear All about it 😊
        Your Friend,


      • KraftedKhaos says:

        It was amazing! I posted on my blog about it yesterday 🙂


      • Fantastic, That posting shall start my day : )
        I have a fresh cup of coffee and a newly lit ciggarette and off I go : ). (ps.. I now it’s a terrible habit)


      • KraftedKhaos says:

        *chuckles* don’t worry that you’ll get the ‘smoking’s a nasty habit’ speech from me, love. I’m a pack-a-day girl myself. 😉


      • I’m delighted to meet another “club” member. Not many of us left. giggle giggle


      • KraftedKhaos says:

        🙂 True! While it’s admittedly not the healthiest of habits, I still maintain it’s my right to smoke if I want to! lol


      • You said it “Sister”! 👍


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