Help My E-Mail Is Swallowing Me Up

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Email, Important To Me, Time Consuming
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Help My Email Is Swallowing Me Up

How E-Mail is Swallowing Our Lives

I saw this article and could not resist. Altlhough lengthy I found interesting, and wanted to share this with all my friends.

I had gone out of town for 3 weeks. I was not able to check my emails throughout the day as I regularly do at home. In that short time I had accumulated over 500 legitimate emails. These e-mails are from Blogger’s I follow notifiying me of their new postings. I have been home 3 weeks , and from the minute I sit down with my morning coffee until late in the evening I’m going through each post to read and comment.

This is in NO WAY a complaint rather a feeling of frusrtration. I have to start from the past to work my way forward in order to keep up to date with my Fellow Blogger’s. Please Know Your Writings Are Important To Me, and I Will get to each and everyone in due time.

*Fortunately I’m not Steve Cohen

*Please note only the first paragragh has been re-blogged*

  By Jennifer Senior

Last week, lawyers for *Steve Cohen, the CEO of SAC Capital, which was indicted last week,* said their client had failed to notice insider trading within his company because he received 1,000 e-mails per day — and therefore missed a crucial warning missive alerting him that something shady was afoot. How plausible it is that he didn’t know about these shenanigans is highly debatable (okay, it’s implausible), but in the abstract, the idea that Cohen couldn’t keep pace with the furious activity in his in-box doesn’t feel like a stretch. Even those of us without a Hamptons estate and an estimated net worth of $9.3 billion regard our e-mail in the same way Mickey Mouse viewed that army of brooms and buckets in Fantasia’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice“: an unstoppable force that will soon drown you.

Indeed, the only person who seems not to be a hostage to his e-mail is Steve Cohen.


To continue reading this lengthy article please click on the link provided


  1. WOW – that is a lot of emails. The other morning, I had 800-and-something ‘spam’ emails. 🙂

    Kelly 🙂


    • My Dear Friend Kelly,
      Wow that’s enough spam to make a meal… giggle giggle.I was considering putting e-mail consultant on my resume.
      Have A Great Day : )
      Your Friend,


  2. EleneSallinger says:

    When I was a vice president at a small non-profit, I once calculated that I sent out 1,000 emails per month and received about 3x that.


  3. writingthebody says:

    I love the blog because we choose it….but I do not like email much…god no. Work…work….work….and its worst side too.


  4. Hi been meaning to stop by but been away…and now trying to catch up on all these lovely blogs

    VW (ex-invisible!)


  5. pariscarter12 says:

    Hey I nominated you for the Liebster award!


    • Dear Paris,
      I’m Touched, Honored, and Flattered that you have presented me with this Prestigious Award. I will Graciously accept this award and fulfill the requirements requested.
      Your Friend,


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