Would you Please Take your Nuts out of my Coffee?

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Cafe Cubana, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Ole, Cinnabon, Coffee, Irish Coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Nuts
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When I saw this post, I just had to reblog. Thank you Dreamlandancing for giving me something to laugh my ass off, or shall I say my Nuts off.



Would you Please take your Nuts out of my Coffee?

I’m not referring to “teabagging” my morning cup of java…that would be dangerous, considering how hot I like it served…I’m not even worried about that…as much as I Love everything from Café Cubano, or Con Leche, French Market with Chicory, Jamaican Blue Mountain, or Just Plain Joe…it’s entirely platonic, not sexual…that’s right, you heard it here first…there are some things that do not have a sexual connotation to me…although there’re definitely on my short list….

And I’m not against the idea of flavored brews…original Irish Coffee, Café Ole, Café Mocha, even a hint of cinnamon, is fine. My wife prefers a blend of Arabica that incorporates butterscotch toffee flavor, and although English toffee is made up using almonds, you don’t actually taste the nut. As long as I lighten it with real rich cream, I find…

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  1. MaríMar says:

    🙂 I am going to read the rest…


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