Posted: September 12, 2013 in Color, Darkness, Hue, Poetry, Shades
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Like the stroke of a painbrush,  Darkness washes over me.

The depth of shade varies.


The Darkness

consumes my

Mind & Spirit.


I strive for the color to lighten

and as it does,

inevitably the darker hue returns.


Why is it a constant stuggle to attain a

lighter color?

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 12.33.05 PM

Is my path to consist of shades of grey?


  1. jayne says:

    contrast highlights – it’s a good thing… for seeing certain things. Jayne


  2. MaríMar says:

    I loved how this transitioned…


  3. writingthebody says:

    Genius….what a great idea. Wish I had thought of it!!!! (surest sign according to Longinus – a vaunting joy just as if we had thought of it ourselves”….and so it is. Love it…I’d tell my friends if I had any….lol God I am in a crazy mood. Anyway, thank you!


    • Dearest WritingTheBody,
      I’m so deeply touched by your reply. You made me smile My Friend. Crazy moods it’s a good thing. I understand about “friends”situation. As I would tell my friends to read about Zed and his Onager and their journey’s and adventures.
      Your Pal,
      Anastasia XoXo


  4. Chatty Owl says:

    This is such a smart way to put it in words!


  5. Simply Perfect!!! Loved this 🙂


  6. White Pearl says:

    Beautiful concept…beautiful words….Just don’t forget. The mixture of all colors make the black color. Black is the real beauty if we have the eyes to see it. Your path will be shades of grey if you would see it this way ! Stay colorful AND HAPPY 🙂 lOVE XX


  7. VOID RPG Admin says:

    Very visual. Draws you right in.


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