Dancing flames

As  the candle was lit

the flame began to dance.

The request had been sent.

Spirits gathered.


As the music began

they took their seats in the gallery of the theater.


As their two bodies embraced

they became one.


As their tongues touched

their bodies frolicked with delight.


Vibrations in the air summons all

to the unseen eye.

As they  gently explored each other

their bodies quivered in bliss.


Vibrant  colors swirled around them.


As the two bodies became one,

the voyeurs from above

intertwined within them.

  1. eric keys says:

    I’m sure those voyeurs got quite a treat!


  2. sw36 says:

    Dear Anastasia,
    This is truly beautiful!! Loved it so much
    Your friend
    Sal xx


  3. Beautiful write, one hopes that the spirits are watching over us, especially in our more blissful moments…


  4. mala says:

    Lovely, and truly blissful 🙂


  5. This was so fucking amazing, I had to reblog this. Anastasia has been my “go to” site to for some time to discover interesting writers that she has discovered…until recently, when she “came out” as an original writer. Tantra, Sacred Sex, and Channeling have been the subject of much interest by me for years…and a big part of “The Home for Wayward Souls and The Talking Monkeys”. Once again, our paths cross…Bravo!


  6. As much as I have enjoyed your site as a “go to” for interesting reads, I was so impressed by this original work by you that I have reblogged this onto my posts…(I hope you don’t mind)…this is a subject in which I am particularly interested…please share more of these with those of us who follow you.

    I am glad to see that you have “come out” as a writer “in your own write” 😉


    • Dear Dreamlanddancing,
      I’m Touched that this resonated with you. I wrote this about a Very Special Man in my life. Please
      feel free to reblogg any of my material. I’m Very Flattered by your comments. As I follow all your writings I consider them to be Absolutely Brilliant. I like the way you think. Your writings are so alluring to the reader I can’t help but to keep “cuming” back for more.
      Your Friend,


  7. writingthebody says:

    I love mixing words and images. Some are your own photos? Lovely anyway.


  8. JK says:

    One thing I love about poetry…everyone “gets it” differently. For me, all I could imagine was dripping candle wax on her body. 🙂 Not what you intended, I know, but where my mind went.


  9. MaríMar says:

    Love everything this piece did for me… thank you girl.


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