All the Dreams that this jar once held

have been Shattered.

Is it possible to put Shattered Glass back together?


Glass like a Relationship is Fragile.

It must be Handled with Great Love and Care.


What happens when One drops the Glass?

Can they Both Carefully pick up those Shattered pieces

and try to Mend them Back Together?


Is it Possible?

Is it Worth It?

Would it just be easier to sweep it up

and throw it away.


This Sacred jar has Shattered once before.

How many times can glass be glued back together


many when there is Love.

  1. eriklehman says:

    That would be a soul searching decision, weighing all the aspects first, and having the bravery to accept the final decision to let the heart recover, however painfully. Great post.


  2. sw36 says:

    Dearest Anastasia
    I’ve recently been there, it’s not easy but it’s a decision that can only be made after much thought and soul searching. If it’s meant to be then the glass can be put back together although the cracks will always be there. I can’t tell you if it will ever shatter again as I have no crystal ball (wish I did though). But know this you are not alone *hugs*
    Your friend
    Sal xx


    • Dearest Sal,
      Thank you for your Heartfelt, and Very Supportive comment. Indeed this Sacred Glass Jar is Being put back together. The cracks in the glass to me are like rings in a tree. The cracks represent the Love we have for Each Other, and the tenacity of Not Giving Up. To be able to move forward, and set the Sacred Jar in a safe place where it can be Cherished always.
      Your Friend,
      Anastasia : )


  3. From where I sit, I don’t think, once shattered, it can’t ever be put together as it once was. To receive a blow(s) devastating enough to be that impactful ensures that inevitability….”You can never go back”….I believe that.


  4. writingthebody says:

    What your poem shows is how sensitive and caring you are. Yes we do break things, and it is really hard, especially valuable things. But we do need to sometimes….good luck Anastasia. This is rather lovely imagery coming out of your pain.


    • My Dear WritingTheBody,
      Thank you for your very insightful comment. I’m a very visual person, as you can see by my postings. I’m pleased that the imagery spoke as loud, as the poem.
      Your Friend,


  5. mala says:

    Ah.. that’s so warm and hopeful. I hope you are right that the answer is “many” 🙂


  6. Dear Anastasia,

    Your most recent poem has touched me deeply. You have presented something that is universal to all of us, yet your insights are unique. That is a rare talent…a gift.

    As much as I enjoyed your observations on the cracks, growth rings, etc. the analogies would tend to imply that the sacred glass is now even more fragile, and yet the ideal would be a situation where the shattering would represent a deconstruction that permits new, fresh growth. Perhaps even a larger vessel….

    I am told that the word “nostalgia” comes from a Greek phrase that means “to feel the pain of an old wound” (at least, that is my understanding)…it has been said that true wisdom comes to those who can Forgive, and never forget…to embrace that pain, lean into the edge of it…to savor it.

    If there is a way to sweep up the old glass and create a new vessel…maybe even add some new glass, then everything you put back into it will remain, including the wisdom and insight of your choice of how you retain your memories. That is your choice, how you choose to remember them. The vessel is sacred because of what it holds. It takes the heat of passion to fuse the old glass into something better. And this time, you can temper that glass with the wisdom of experience.

    I hope you can forgive me for tampering with your vision with my comments. My heart goes out to you in your defining moments, and I offer these ideas as a way of visualizing your recovery.


  7. BigLizzy says:

    LOVE this wonderful post, my friend. With love, all things are possible, even repairing broken glass (and hearts). XOXO


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