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Posted: October 20, 2013 in Acknowledgement, Appreciation, Award, Versatile Blogger Award
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The Versatile Blogger Award

As a newbie in the Writing Community, I have not composed very many posts. I have been Very Fortunate to have connected with, and Follow Distinguished Authors, Writers, and Bloggers.

I’m Honored, and Touched that I’m recognized within this Writers’ community.

I have received “The Versatile Blogger Award” by 2 Very Talented Writer’s in our community.

*Please Stop On Over And Check Out Their Sites*

CHAZZ from

JON from


1. Display the Award on your Blog.

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Bloggers who nominated you.

3. Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.

5. From  Post 7 interesting things about yourself

6. From My seven questions (because I added this…)


From dreamlanddancing:

1. Retire/Disabled Nurse specialized in Home Health Care, Labor/Delivery Nursery/Pediatrics. Emergency Medical Technician. Stretcher Bunny/Siren Slut

2. Metaphysical Practitioner

3 Married twice. Divorced once. Married to the same Wonderful Man for 22 years. Proud Mom of 3 Fantastic Sons.

4. Erotica Enthusiast

5. Pervert at Heart

6. I enjoy really dark films i.e. Precious, Leaving Las Vegas, Factory Girl

7. Implanted pain pump for intractable pain. Had spinal surgery (2) plates and (6) screws, and fusion from Lumbar 4 to Sacrum.

From writingthebody:

1.  Do you remember your dreams – and if you do what do you think they mean? 

In general I don’t remember my dreams. Although when I’m feeling stressed or emotional  I may recall something unusual that I believe is my sub conscience trying to resolve or bring to the surface.

2.  Would you rather share your life with a pet or a person?  (or a person who is a pet?)

I agree with Jon… I Love both, and every gal should have her own play toy as her pet.

3.  What is the most submissive aspect of your life and your personality?

Nothing within my personality, although  I melt when my Husband touches me.

4.  What is the most dominating?

My personality, and “pegging” my Lover. I’m trying to be more “submissive” in the bedroom, by not being so bossy.

Having my Lover tie me up, blindfold me, and let me know who is the boss.

5.  if you could retrain as something, would you want to do that? 

Yes. I would obtain my degree in law and be appointed as a Judge.

6.  Which do you fear more – fire, water, or wind? 

In all honesty I don’t fear any of the elements. 

As a Florida resident my initial thought was Wind as it destroys everything during Hurricane season. 

7.  How long on average each week do you listen to music?  

7-10 hours/week

And The Award Goes To

*Please note it is your choice to pick either the 7 questions from dreamlanddancing or writingthebody*

















  1. J T Weaver says:

    Thank you Anastasia. I appreciate it.


  2. writingthebody says:

    So nice to see you back!! Funny, I did not realise you had such a dominant side as well….hugs!


  3. mala says:

    Congrats, Anastasia, and as I said earlier, I’m very flattered, thank you kindly 🙂 *hugs*


  4. Terry says:

    thank you very much for this award. Although I have accepted it before, I do appreciate it very much. hugs!!


  5. EleneSallinger says:



  6. Chatty Owl says:

    Well deserved honey!


  7. […] Versatile Blogger Award ( […]


  8. Rubber Bound Princess says:

    Thank you for thinking of this with this award it really is appreciated xx your a sweetheart xx huge hugs and huge thanks to you xx


  9. writingthebody says:

    You would be the sweetest bossy one imagineable….


  10. I salute your journey…in following the Goddess, you find the Goddess within you. You inspire those who are privileged to know you.
    Blessed be
    Baraka Bashad


    • Dearest Chazz,
      Please accept my apologies for the late reply. Thank you for such a Beautiful compliment. You have Touched My Heart ❤️
      Merry Met,
      Your Friend Always,
      Anastasia 😊


  11. …Just about the time I start to really feel like there aren’t nearly enough GOOD people around, someone like you comes along, and reminds me I should be grateful that there are ANY good souls left.
    We share several other readers/followers/contributors in common, so I get the opportunity to enjoy your comments on a regular basis. Some of them are worth posting in their own right. Maybe you should.
    In fact, I think I should invent a “Most Appreciative Reader Award” just to give it to you…Is there a way to do that?
    TANKS, Anastasia


    • Dearest Chazz,
      I’m Truly Speechless (which would shock my Wonderful Husband). To say Thank You just doesn’t express how you have Touched me, and my Inspiration to Write. Your comments of Inspiration, Hope, and Encouragement to the other Blogger’s that we mutually follow reinforces the Wonderful Person you are behind the Author that I so Admire. You really have a Very Special way of Writing that could very easily make a Gal weak in the knees.😍
      Your Friend Always,
      Anastasia 😊


  12. MaríMar says:

    Congrats for the awards girl…


  13. […] forever to get around to acknowledging the award. I can assure you, I am not. Writingthebody and astraltravler, thank […]


  14. Rincewind says:

    A siren slut and loves Leaving Las Vegas, all good! 🙂


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