He Said, She Said

Writers face an interesting dilemma in trying to describe

or label commonly repeated actions especially where dialog is concerned.

How many different ways can you say: He Said….She Said.

How many different ways can you say: His Penis…Her Vagina.

How many different ways can you say: Fucked?

This was a collaboration by Chazz of Dreammlanddancing and I to catalog juxtapositions of various word combinations just for Fun.

He Said, She Said

 He Replied

She Retorted

He Countered

She Indicated

He Snorted


She Answered

He Guffawed

She Rejoinder

He Interjected

She Snickered


His Penis, Her Vagina

 His Dick

Her Pussy

His Cock

Her Snatch

His Prick


Her Twat

His Member 

Her Cunt

His Schlong

Her Yoni

His Sausage

Her Poonanie



He Fucked

She Boinked

He Stuffed

She Banged

He Thrusted


She Rode

He Boned

She Pooned

He Schtupped

She Seduced

  1. shanuwater says:

    I remember in elementary school they word for getting some was Pun Tang…lol in reference too pussy…did I really just say that? hahahaha. I must be growing up :).


  2. Killingdanse says:

    I just don’t think I could ever use schtupped without cracking up lol great post though.


  3. 'Tis says:

    This was the best! I know where I will be cumming for lack of a better word, when stumped for language of the perverse variety.

    Love you and Chazz!



  4. B. K. Hung says:

    You’re right, having an arsenal of words such as these is particularly handy when he schtupps by devouring her arse-an-all

    Good job 😉


  5. Vivid, stunning and eloquent. I love this! Got to love a woman who wields words like sorcery 🙂


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