The Other Woman

 She knows well enough

to respect me.

She knows better than

to ignore me.

I like her in her own right.

I tell myself we should be friends,

not just because it will be easier

but also because it’s

so rare to find

anyone who

gets me

and gets him too.

I could use more friends like her.

And I gather, so could she.


 Men are not just scraps of meat,

over which we

think we must fight,

only to hurt ourselves

in the process.

We do not need to fight

over this man.

We are not bitches,

but we can share

the bone

like sisters.

With a common agenda

there is much

we can do

together to further

our own needs.

So much energy

wasted either in subterfuge,


or intervention.

Better to get it out

and get on with it

than to


in the shadow

of denial

or self-deception.

She knows

I saw him first,

and I know

she won’t be the last

to notice him.

She also knows

that when I

follow my nature,

there will be times I will be glad

she will be there for him,

allowing me to take my leave

when and as I choose

when the glove is on the other hand.


She is the perfect

Other Woman.

She knows

what it is like

to walk in my shoes

and what hurts

as well as what feels good

if she will just let it.

I understand her completely


I have been her

for him

when someone else was me,

and I wanted to be honest

and remain her friend,

but such was not to be.


And now,

as I prepare to take my leave

to explore,

to experience

something new

with someone new

I realize that once again

I am the Other Woman

just as much as she is me.

I want to have so much

in common with this

enlightened woman

who sees me as I am,

accepts me,

even encourages me

to help find pleasure

with this man

she loves so much,

I can’t help



for the way


she loves him.

If women

of uncommon


found their friends

from among

their lovers’


they would never find themselves


or friendless


I am the Other Woman

just as much as she is me.


  1. Jayne says:

    There are so many powerful things in this AT. How very beautifully you have written it! xoxo, Jayne


  2. eric keys says:

    I am really impressed with the sentiments here. Thank you for sharing this!


  3. sjw2014 says:

    Darling A,

    Wow! Just wow! Powerful and eloquent!

    Much love,

    S xx


  4. lora4260 says:

    A powerful expression. 🙂


  5. Sensual Desires says:

    Such a wonderful wrote, love your thoughts.. x T


  6. Amy Pinkrose says:

    Poweful words. We by nature are sexual beings, and the thought that 2 people be together for life after saying “I do” goes against our natural being. I loved reading this, and I love your openness. Thank you again!!! Love, Amy


  7. ƥöɛtic says:

    I have two things I would like to say, first off I loved this piece!! So well written and I felt your words as I read them! Secondly I would like to say that, as a man, we are not all solely driven by our sexual organ, unable to resist the charms and devices of the “other woman”. Some men, like myself, enjoy being dedicated and faithful to the right woman, not only out of the utmost respect for her but also for ourselves as men. Don’t get me wrong I am not offended in the least I just think its sad that so many women seem to make this false assumption about men, as if we are just animals who cant control ourselves. I don’t mean to imply that this is how you see men either, only that the way the man in this poem is talked about sounds vaguely reminiscent of that idea I read in a lot of other writers poetry and short stories. I did however thoroughly enjoy this 🙂


    • Dear Erik,
      Thank You for your heartfelt comment. I appreciate you expressing your feelings openly and honestly. I wrote this not about the Male, but about having the connection to my fellow Sister. In that if we respect one another, and acknowledge our desires without agenda, deception, or deceit. We as Sisters could have a bond, connection, and friendship. Rather than what sadly frequently takes place. I agree that there are many topics out there that reflect the male as the “one” who desires “The Other Woman”, and this was composed by my choice to be “The Other Woman”.
      Anastasia 😊


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