Posted: April 15, 2014 in Reblog

Dear Friends,
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
Anastasia 😊

Musings From Under The Beret (18+ Only NSFW)

I sit at my writing desk, sipping my Absinthe and patiently waiting for the muse to take me. I stare at the pristine white paper and start to jot down a few ideas, outlining the description of a female character.

Taking another drink, the words flow from my pencil, covering the page with the vision of the beauty that stands before me in my minds eye. I rest for a moment, reading over what I’ve written, more than pleased with the woman I’ve created.

It’s late and the effects of the strong drink are beginning to take its toll. I lay my pencil down with a sigh and remove my glasses, pinching the bridge of my nose and rubbing my tired eyes.

I don’t know whether it’s the alcohol or tiredness or both, but the words appear to be moving on the page; twisting and writhing with a life of…

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  1. sjw2014 says:

    Dearest A,
    Steve’s words are fantastic aren’t they! I’ve been lucky enough to have been following him from the very beginning, both this blog and his Angel stories (now they are H.O.T).

    I’m so pleased that you have found and are enjoying Steve’s work

    Much love,

    S xx


  2. Amy Pinkrose says:

    OMG, I am squirming in my chair. What a story. I was captivated. Now, I have to go um, take care of myself. Hehehehehe Love you! Amy


    • I know right! I Loved his story! I’m a visual reader, so for me I could see, feel, and felt like I was watching as the story unfolded. Sizzling Hot 💥


      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        OMG, sizzling hot here. I am just about to get off to take care of me. *blush* I may be in my 50’s but darn it, my sex drive is still going. Always has been strong. Tee Hee ….. Love …. Amy


      • I don’t understand why there are so many Woman that don’t pursue herbals or testosterone when they feel their sex drive diminishing. Just because our bodies change does not mean we can’t still act like wild sex crazed teenagers.That’s for another post.
        I still have the vision of a little “pixie’ in my mind naked with perky bouncing breast as she rides the length of his cock. giggle, giggle as I have a mischievous smile. I hope that thought sticks to you for the rest of the night. Wicked aren’t I?


      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        Oh, A, that picture is SO with me it is not funny. I take NOTHING for my sex drive. It just IS! …giggling… Still seeing that little pixie riding the hard rocket. Tee Hee I like to see your sense of humor. You seriously ROCK!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


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