Dear Friends,
We only have a 9 more days of May. Let’s take Full Advantage of Celebrating Pleasuring Ourselves.
Now we all know why Anastasia has not posted any material…







May is International Masturbation Month

Good Vibrations began celebrating National Masturbation Month in 1995! Earlier that year, then-Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders was fired for saying that masturbation should be discussed as part of young peoples’ sex education. We were astounded. It was one of the most sensible things we’d ever heard a government official say — and it cost Elders her job! We started National Masturbation Month — now International Masturbation Month with people celebrating across the globe! — to raise awareness and to highlight the importance of masturbation for nearly everyone: it’s safe, it’s healthy, it’s free, it’s pleasurable and it helps people get to know their bodies and their sexual responses. Of all the kinds of sex people can have, masturbation is the most universal and important, yet few people talk about it freely — worse, many people still feel it is “second best” or problematic in some way. Masturbation Month lets us emphasize how great it is: it’s natural, common and fun!

Why May?

Because “the merry, merry month of May” has long been seen as symbolizing sexual awakening. Also, because “May” and “masturbation” both start with “M” — it’s nice and alliterative.

Masturbation Resources

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History of the Masturbation Taboo

Almost everyone masturbates, but all too few of us are willing to admit to enjoying this simple pleasure — mostly because of the taboo against masturbation in our society, which has its roots in historical misconceptions that have survived to the present day. Concerns about masturbation tend to fall into two general categories: that masturbation is dangerously wasteful or that it’s immature. The notion that masturbation is wasteful springs from the widespread misconception that men have a finite allotment of sperm and that every ejaculation depletes precious semen, resulting in exhaustion and weakness. Although women don’t produce semen, it was once believed that masturbation was similarly destructive and debilitating to them. The belief that masturbation is such a dangerous drain on energy that it can lead to enfeeblement, illness and ultimately insanity was so persistent in 18th, 19th and even 20th century Europe and America that treatments for preventing masturbation became something of an obsession.

Turn-of-the-century magazines featured advertisements for penile rings which were spiked on the inside so that if the wearer experienced an erection during the course of the night, he’d wake from the pain. Bondage belts, restraints, straitjackets, cauterizing irons and even clitoridectomy (the surgical excision of the clitoris) were all methods used to prevent young women from masturbating. American health reformers of the 19th century preached, as in these words from John Kellogg, that masturbation was “the vilest, the basest and the most degrading act that a human being can commit.”

Although most men and women today are aware that masturbation isn’t a “degrading act,” many are still constrained by the notion that it’s a selfish, immature activity or a second-rate substitute for partner sex. We live in a society in which sexual expression has always been legislated and restricted and the pursuit of pure pleasure is frequently condemned as selfish and childish. A lot of people who consider themselves free of sexual hang-ups have simply rewritten the equation “sex is only good if it involves procreation” to “sex is only good if it involves two loving people.” The fact that masturbation is a pleasurable end in itself gets short shrift in mainstream sex manuals, which focus on masturbation as a useful tool in the building of a better sex life with one’s partner. While it’s certainly true that masturbation provides valuable information about your own and your partners’ sexual responses, masturbation is much more than a means to the exalted end of better partner sex. Masturbation is our first sexual activity, a natural source of pleasure that’s available to us throughout our lives, and a unique form of creative self-expression. Each time you masturbate, you’re celebrating your sexuality and your innate capacity for pleasure, so give yourself a hand!

Masturbation Today

While giving yourself pleasure may seem as natural as taking a breath, masturbation is by no means a widely accepted form of sexual activity. Today, in many parts of the world (including the U.S.) children are punished if they are caught masturbating, which can affect their sexuality for the rest of their lives. Adults in cultures across the globe are presented with heterosexual marriage as the only acceptable form of sexual expression. Masturbation is not honored as an important form of safer sex, much less as a way a person can love herself, learn about himself, or exercise, as one wonderful Chinese euphemism puts it, “self-comfort.”

Masturbation can be a radical act, and the culture that suppresses masturbation may suppress many other personal freedoms as well. While celebrating Masturbation Month and doing your part to bring self-love out of the closet, keep in mind that erotic freedom is essential to true well-being, everywhere.

* Copied Directly From http://www.goodvibes.com/content.jhtml?id=masturbation-month-facts

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Every month is a masturbation month 🙂


  2. kdaddy23 says:

    I celebrate masturbation month every day!


  3. writingthebody says:

    Sure is….and June as well…definitely. and an award for you my dear….http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/blogging-award/


    • Dear John,
      I was a bit surprised to find the Adult Newsletters that I subscribe to post that article 9 days before the end of the month…. I wanted to “Share The Love To All My Fellow Bloggers.” Everyone who know me, knows I’m a “Dirty Pervert”, and not a day goes by that I Don’t Touch Myself. That’s probably why I have not ended up in a psych ward. Thank you So Much for bestowing me this Wonderful Award!
      ~A 😘


  4. Killingdanse says:

    Question… Ever have a guy tell you he doesn’t masturbate? I had two in a row and thought how odd… I wouldn’t have believed them except that their eyes popped out of their heads when I replied with “Well why not I do.”


    • Dear Killingdanse,
      No. I have never been told by any male that they don’t masturbate. The first few things come to my mind. Either they are into C.B.Torture, and or Orgasm Denial. Or that they experienced being humiliated while/or being caught in the act of masturbating, and let’s not forget religious upbringing and attitude. My feeling is “What ever floats your boat.” No judgements from me. One’s sexuality can be a complex, facet of wants, desires, and preferences.
      Your Friend,
      Anastasia 😊


      • kdaddy23 says:

        I know a lot of guys who’ve said they don’t masturbate and never had… but whether they were telling the truth or not is debatable. What I’ve believed is that men, us great seducers of women, don’t want to admit that we masturbate because it’s often seen as a failure; we couldn’t get any pussy so we have to use, ah, other means to bust that nut – and you know how some men are about being able to admit to failure, right? But the reality is that masturabation isn’t a failure to be macho; masturbation isn’t abnormal… but it’s been suggested (or proved?) that not masturbation is abnormal; it’s also said that the only abnormal sex is not having sex at all and this includes having sex with yourself.

        I’ve heard men and women say that they only masturbate when they can’t get laid – nothing wrong with that – but you don’t hear of too many men who will openly admit that they do it and just because (a) it’s fun and (b) it can be done for any reason or no reason at all except for (a). And if they’re also getting laid, well, that’s just more fun for them!

        I’ve even heard a few guys say that they don’t believe in masturbation because their whole reason for being is to deposit sperm in a woman… and sometimes in another guy but that’s not the point; to them, the thought of getting themselves off is just insane but, if you wanna nitpick it, if you’re fucking a woman, aren’t you really masturbating inside of her? Just saying… and, yeah, I really did hear someone ask this question during a masturbation debate…


      • Dear KDaddy,
        Point well taken. I’m Really Pleased you comment on this topic! I really can’t imagine a male not masturbating, Having 3 sons, 2 young adults, and 1 teenager. I’m not that naive to think their lengthy showers were due to shaving, and skin care.


      • kdaddy23 says:

        Yeah, ya know?


      • Killingdanse says:

        You know I am the last person who would judge anyone on their sexual preferences, mine run a bit more than towards the unusual lol. I never thought of the “being caught aspect” but I do know these guys were not the CBT type. They are both very vanilla. I just thought it odd that they didn’t but didn’t have an explanation as to my favorite question of why.


      • Dear KD,
        I think KDaddy’s reply hit the nail on the head. I guess for some men they see masturbation as a failure for not being able to get laid. What KDaddy commented makes a lot of sense. I wished I had an answer, other than maybe they were intimidated by such a Beautiful, Empowered, Confident Sexual Woman.
        Your Friend,


  5. Chris says:

    I seem to begin each day with a nice little vitamin-M.


    • Dear Chris,
      Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks so much for stopping by.
      I too like to start my day with an Orgasm or Two. It keeps me from going on top of the roof with an automatic rifle. Seriously if more people started their day with an endorphin release one gets, perhaps there wouldn’t be so many unhappy & anger people.
      Anastasia 😊


  6. findingmyinnercourage says:

    Hooray for May masturbation month. Ok I’m going to say it. I personally feel anyone suffering with a chronic illness needs to jump on the band wagon and follow your Blog. You ask why? I don’t think this is in your case but for me it’s very difficult to have sexual relationships with my husband as my pain destroys even the thought. You know that pain all to well. Your Blog inspires me. Love you, Me


    • Dearest Dawn,
      I’m Deeply Touched by your comment.
      I would like to share. I have a high sex drive.
      Crazy I know. Even if I’m hurting, I noticed that the pain I’m experiencing seems to cancel out while we are intimate. There are some positions that as much as I would like to be in I can’t. Sometimes the next day I experience more muscle spasms. I think it’s also a way to escape in my head and experience the flood of chemicals that are released during orgasm. The majority of the time when I’m when I’m on my back I will get spasms in my hips and as painful as they are I cancel them out in my mind and focus on the pleasure and Love my Husband is giving me. I do understand that masturbation is different. I do pleasure myself regularly. Even when I wake up feeling like shit. I take the time to pleasure myself. I do notice that after climaxing I don’t need to take my break-thru meds till later in the day. Start slowly without any expectations just Enjoy the feeling and sensations, and with climaxing is the physical and chemical release it’s intoxicating. In the beginning I noticed that I focused on this hurts or thats uncomfortable, and instead of throwing in the towel with frustration I chose to disregard those feelings of pain and opted for the pleasurable ones. It’s the only time I’m somewhat pain free minus the spasms that I stretch out in position…
      I also find that my mental and emotional being is not so dark, and all those feelings, and thoughts that go along with chronic pain don’t seem so severe.
      Sending You Love, and Swirling Colors of Healing Light.
      XoXo 😘
      Love To You My Dear Friend ❤️


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