Your Body’s Energy Fields

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Liberty And Justice For All, Reblog

Liberty With Responsibility…?

The biggest Liberties taken here were with the facts.

The so-called “definitions” are inaccurate and misleading, and the author

doesn’t know the difference between a “Force” and a “Field”.

This is the most Offensive Post I have read.

Blog sites that incorporate explicit erotica are subject to being closed for being offensive

without any warning; and yet intellectually and spiritually offensive material goes ignored.

This may not be all that surprising; because it would appear that

the Ignorant are easily offended by sex whereas enlightenment breeds tolerance.

Paper to Use

Years after Skeptoid’s original episode #1 on New-( Age )Energy, talk of energy fields — particular the human body’s energy fields — continues to permeate pop culture. A quick Google search for “human energy field” yields an avalanche of New Agey sciencey-sounding results: biofields, noetic balancing, auras, chakras, cleansing and activating your fields, bioenergetics, science unlocking the secrets, luminosity, sensing, negative energy, positive energy, and the human bioelectromagnetic field. Does the human body indeed have any characteristic that can be reasonably described as an energy field?Although most of the usage you’ll hear of the term sounds like something from Deepak Chopra which is clearly without any factual meaning, the idea that a living body has some measurable effect on its immediate environment is not necessarily an unsound concept. Our bodies generate heat, we have mass, fluids move within us and millions of electric signals are constantly being transmitted through our…

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  1. I am not offended that the author clearly has a bias against metaphysics. I was raised by Scientists, and recognize that “the wiling suspension of disbelief” is required to achieve any kind of spiritual bliss. What offends me is that the author is just not well-informed about the subjects he chooses to use Science as a feint to attack.
    “His head is a dragon, but his body is a snake.”


  2. BigLizzy says:

    Hi, baby-girl, AstralTraveler,

    I’m repeating this comment here from my blog, because it’s an interesting way to view this and your readers might enjoy it.

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my post, honey. I smile when I read posts such as the one you point out; one, because everyone is coming at life from a different vantage. This person’s vantage is so real, so compelling, and so right for him or her. And, you know what, they are right. For them. They are not right for me or you or maybe others. But, they are right for them.

    Sweet-friend, we each create reality. This means that the reality they are espousing is real to them; it is the only reality for them. They can not know the reality that I create and in fact, because they fixate on a particular viewpoint, they “manifest” that viewpoint in the world. They think something and then look for evidence to support it and the universe complies with every request. The universe mirrors back to them what they put out into it.

    My viewpoint is different, honey. It’s all okay. Once we gain the freedom to be in our truth and know our truth, it matters not what others believe.

    I do not need the validation of others’ opinions or viewpoints. My truth is right for me. Your truth is right for you. It’s certainly nice when they overlap and we share certain beliefs, but this is not necessary for my happiness.

    What others do, say, or believe changes my perceptions, my knowing in no way. I find other people compelling, but my relationship with my body, my creator, my soul, my essence, and that of God/Goddess is far more compelling to me than any other human being. They can be right and you can be right and I can right all at the same time. That’s how magical and amazing this universe truly is, babe. We are all right. It’s all accepted and all okay. So, smile in your soul and know your worth and know how very much I love you. I see you. I see the real you. If others do not, that’s okay.

    I love you, sis.
    Yours, BigLizzy


    • Dearest Lizzy,
      That’s why I Adore You! I learned a valuable lesson. You clearly identified a process that I chose to incorporate.
      I appreciate your honest, heartfelt reply.
      With Much Love and Gratitude,
      Anastasia 😊


      • BigLizzy says:

        Awwww…Anastasia, my love. Thank you so much for your kind words, sis. You would have found your way to this remembrance eventually, honey. You always choose love and demonstrate that for others. It makes perfect sense why that post would trigger you. Honestly, when I first began reading, my body tightened up and I began resisting what the person was expressing, too. Then, my guides stepped in and helped me. I talked my ego down and the truth spilled through me. It’s so cool how this happens sometimes, right? You get it. Completely. I love you, sister-friend. XOXO


  3. writingthebody says:

    a liebster for a lover….here you are my dear!


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