Chemical Imbalance:

Thoughts & Feelings Of A Woman Experiencing The Depletion Of Estrogen.

Molecular Thoughts

My thoughts scattered.

A GPS without a satellite.

Being directed to enter and exit from the same on ramp.

This form of travel is unclear, distorted,

and unpleasant.

The road is uneven gravel.

As tires rotate bits of crushed concrete

spew in all


Disposition of emotions run rabid.

Exhibiting bared teeth,

an accumulation of dripping saliva that emanates into

effervescence, and

varied tones of inflection that escaped as each breath is exhaled.

To warn those around me.

My Mind and Body

are Depleted,

and are being Manipulated by the loss of


I am over powered by the natural

process of aging.

What happened to that 17-year-old girl?

I feel her maiden within,

yet the mirror reflects

a middle-aged Woman

not yet a


Who is this Woman?

Who cry’s for no reason?

Who is over whelmed by the intensity of


that no one else feels.

Her Mind & Body

deprived from sleep.

She dreams of the past,

fantasizing about her


Trying to accept and embrace

this new phase of


She lovingly embraces her Loved Ones

and Warns them.

Careful the edges of the eggshells are

sharp and jagged.

I’m trying my best to pick them up as they drop,

except as I pick up one

two drop.

I just want to be Me


  1. Jayne says:

    If I were more alert. I’d write something strond and encouraging. That’s not the case though, I’m still in a dreamy stae and I see a magic in that stage. A magic that has been ignored by history and buried by conquering patriarchal religions. I see a magic awaiting to be grasped by any woman who can walk over the concrete gravel and eggshells like a fire walker walks on coals. I see a firm consternation in picking up this age as a viking picks up a shield and sword. I see these things because I too am wondering all of these things and I know we were not created to be nothing but great if we can choose that long enough more times than we choose to be less. It’s my light to follow and I don’t know how long it will burn but I can see in the dark when I know the way. Hugs my sister. xo, Jayne


    • Dearest Jayne,
      Thank You! The encouragement of Friends is so gratefully appreciated in times like these. Your acknowledgement as My Fellow Sister Touches my Heart and Soul. As Women we should Interlock our Hands and Stand Strong Supporting One Another Always.
      With Much Love and Affection,


      • Jayne says:

        I have 6 sisters – so I do feel an affinity towards groups of women no matter what. Each of us is a little different but solidarity is a mindset…that and irritating each other when it’s funny…or not. I hope you feel better and it will all work out. This too shall pass. xo, Jayne


  2. Sensual Desires says:

    Heartfelt words. x


  3. yen4suki says:

    Once your battle begins within you between the tigress and the dragon, there will be many highs and lows, wins and losses until the two can live in harmony.
    As you face your demons, I shall always have your back.❤️
    Suki 💋


  4. Lala Rukh says:

    Beautiful piece by you friend. Love it.


  5. AmyRose says:

    Sweetheart, I understand fully. The passage of Menopause is challenging to say the least, and you won’t be as that 17 year old again. You are changing, morphing into someone you have never been before. The depletion of estrogen is shocking, for once was youth, now are sags and lines. The brain, the emotions, the feelings out of control …. And I too look into that mirror, and am still shocked. So many changes. I’m right there with you, Sister. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy


    • Dearest Amy,
      Please except my apologies for this late reply. Thank you so much! Your expression of Understanding and Love warms my Heart & Soul!
      I know I’m not alone, and yet I felt alone. I know
      their are so many of us within our community experiencing the highs and lows of entering into the next phase of our Womanhood. I opted for HRT and thank Goddess I’m emotionally feeling myself again. I Cherish our Friendship.
      Big Hugs My Dear Friend.
      Much Love,


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