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Dragon's Loyalty Award

I am Honored to Follow, and be Followed by Extremely Talented Writers, Authors, and Bloggers.

Chazz of

bestowed me this prestigious award.

I have Admired Chazz’s writings.

 I Always Feel a Connection. An understanding and I Always gain Wisdom and Insight.

I have had the Honor and Pleasure to collaborate with Chazz.

His creative imagination, worldly experiences, sense of humor and of course our perverse and deviant banter

are just the tip of the surface of this Amazing Writer.

Cum join me over in dreamland.

I am Very Blessed to have connected with the Most Fascinating Blogger’s. I’m awestruck by the artistic talents of all.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank All Of The Blogger’s That I Follow.¬†Please know that everyday YOU make me: ¬†Smile, Giggle, Allow me into your world of pain and heartache, Provide me with educational information, Give me a heartfelt poem, Provide me an Erotic story (that I must go and relieve myself), and so much more.

I’m honored and deeply touched to have been acknowledged by Jon: Writing The Body (

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Dragon's Loyalty Award

With accepting this award I have been asked to answer the following questions:

1.Do you believe in an afterlife?

Yes. I believe that our souls are encased in our physical body. ¬†After our soul has completed its journey our physical body dies. I do believe that we enter into another dimension, and are welcomed by our loved ones “on the other side”.

2.  Describe the most beautiful food you have ever eaten

This weekend a Birthday Celebration: A Chocolate Ganache Cake with Chocolate Shavings…¬†Mmmmm Delicious!

3.  What is the favourite thing you like to cook?

I prefer “baking”: A Tiramisu from scratch.

4.  Have you ever been so attracted to someone that even if he or she said something cruel to you did not mind it?

No. Not “attracted”, although a friend had said hurtful things, and after over 30 years of friendship I let the comment go. The friendship was more important to me.

5.¬† Have you ever been stuck in a situation you feel you cannot escape ‚Äď if so describe it.

Yes. Growing up with a Mother who was Bi-Polar. I was never physically abused, although her emotional abuse had left me with baggage. I’m still a work in progress.

6.  Write out a stanza of a song that you think both really well done, sung, and reads well…

Sting My One And Only Love

The very thought of you makes 
My heart sing 
Like an April breeze 
On the wings of spring 
And you appear in all your splendour 
My one and only love

7.  Has anyone ever slapped your face?  Have you ever slapped anyone’s face?  Describe if so,….


8.  Who is the movie star you find most attractive at present?

(2) Channing Tatum, he just oozes Testosterone (Yummy).  & Jennifer Aniston she just appears so down to earth. I find that so attractive.

9.  Why do people think it is ok to vilify harmless public figures….like Rebecca Black, Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Chrissy Crocker etc?

It’s Not Ok. I believe that if you are in the “public eye”, sadly you’re open to negativity rather than positivity.

10.  Why, o why do you put up with me?

You’re Amazing and Wonderful : )