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Eternal Soul-mates

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Reblog

This Beautiful Art takes my breath away.
This poem personifies the gift I received from the universe.
I thank Goddess everyday for bringing My Eternal Soul Mate into my life 25 years ago.

Words across the Oceans



A connection made centuary’s ago

A bond so strong that it was to be forever

True eternal soul-mates…

That merged, set forth and passed

Over a series of lifetimes…

Never forgetting the echo of each other’s hearts

Which guided them home to each other

Every time!


debradml (2014)

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What have You Done with My Goddess?

Posted: July 13, 2014 in Reblog

This is a testament to lost love rediscovered.

This Seeker and his Goddess are living proof that Soul Mates do exist.

It’s a privilege to know and love them both.



What have You Done with My Goddess?

Dull eyes staring back at me
Misplaced anger
and my own misdirected self-pity…
Who was hiding
in this shell,
this empty house?
…this tired, bitter imposter?
I pray she can forgive me
for not recognizing
the face of my own widow.
A Goddess mourning
the passing of her own Hero,
forever plagued by the ghost of
Yesterday’s Greatest Love.

A minion of years….

Yesterday’s Bitter Ashes,

The sweet honey of Love and Passion

and the mixed emotions

of realized dreams,

great hopes


Devastating Regrets.

Come with me.

Take my hand again in Love and Faith.

Remember what was…

never forget….

Let yourself feel the anguish

and acknowledge what we have lost.

Let it inspire us again.

To live each day

as the resurrected idols

of each other’s Idols.

Rekindle the fires…

Breathe life back into each other.

Reanimate The Dream.

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The Animal Inside

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Reblog

Dear Friends,
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Alejandro of Wildmouse.

We all possess the animal(s) within. Do you feel your connection?

Does your Astrological sign or Chinese Zodiac animal represent you and your nature?
My Astrological sign is Leo, and my Chinese Zodiac sign is the Dragon.

I have a Very Strong connection to my Lion within.
Inspired to share, I have included this site that gives:

The test revealed I’m a Spider and Snake,

although I don’t visualize myself as the aforementioned on a everyday basis.

I do exhibit what they represent.

Alejandro is The Crow:

Crow people have a strong connection with both the light and dark side of life.
The most common associations with this animal are:
– Life magic; mystery of creation
– Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy
– Intelligence
– Higher perspective
– Being fearless, audacious
– Flexibility, adaptability
– Trickster, manipulative, mischievous
Other traditional meanings associate the crow with bad omen, death, and dark witchcraft.
The crow also carries the power of prophetic insight and symbolizes the void or core of creation​.

Have Fun connecting with Your Animal Within.



Have you ever allowed yourself to release your animal? Or better yet has your animal ever broken through the societal bonds that mask our sexual senses? Have you ever felt the tingling in the pit of your stomach when another person’s sexual energy enters your personal space? Have you ever felt the sensation of your pupils dilating when you see another person walking by? Have you ever felt your soul being pulled to another person as they enter a room, tugging at the fabric of which your being was made? Have you ever felt the finest hairs on your arm reach out to touch the person standing next to you in an elevator simply because your animal senses their animal? Have you felt the energy that true sexual desire drives through your spine making your body forget to breathe as your soul, mind and body desire the touch of the…

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Liberty With Responsibility…?

The biggest Liberties taken here were with the facts.

The so-called “definitions” are inaccurate and misleading, and the author

doesn’t know the difference between a “Force” and a “Field”.

This is the most Offensive Post I have read.

Blog sites that incorporate explicit erotica are subject to being closed for being offensive

without any warning; and yet intellectually and spiritually offensive material goes ignored.

This may not be all that surprising; because it would appear that

the Ignorant are easily offended by sex whereas enlightenment breeds tolerance.

Paper to Use

Years after Skeptoid’s original episode #1 on New-( Age )Energy, talk of energy fields — particular the human body’s energy fields — continues to permeate pop culture. A quick Google search for “human energy field” yields an avalanche of New Agey sciencey-sounding results: biofields, noetic balancing, auras, chakras, cleansing and activating your fields, bioenergetics, science unlocking the secrets, luminosity, sensing, negative energy, positive energy, and the human bioelectromagnetic field. Does the human body indeed have any characteristic that can be reasonably described as an energy field?Although most of the usage you’ll hear of the term sounds like something from Deepak Chopra which is clearly without any factual meaning, the idea that a living body has some measurable effect on its immediate environment is not necessarily an unsound concept. Our bodies generate heat, we have mass, fluids move within us and millions of electric signals are constantly being transmitted through our…

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The Snowball Fight

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Reblog

Let The Games Begin….


The Snowball Fight

I love porn, but I don’t watch it very often anymore. I have almost never paid to watch it, and it has been years since I purchased any of it, yet it comes to me like a long-lost lover whom I am obligated to give witness without having sought her in the first place.
I am no expert on porn either. I used to know the names of most of the male and female leads who were distributed by Cal Vista during the seventies and eighties, but that’s about it. No addiction to porn
Imagine…there I am, minding my own business…more addicted to my own imagination than anything, when along comes “The Beautiful People”….
I used to know one of them. I met her a while after she tried to quit the business, or the business quit her…I’m not really sure which came first. She rolled right…

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She Wants to be The Other Woman

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Reblog

My Dear Friends,
Although my post “The Other Woman” was composed from being in that position, this I believe personifies what every married Woman desires to feel like: her Husbands Mistress.

I hope You enjoy this piece as much as I did.

Anastasia 😊


The Other Woman
There is an old Italian proverb that asks: If your wife and your mistress are both drowning at the same time and you can only save one, which one do you save?
The answer is your wife…because your mistress will understand.

She said
she wants to be
the other woman…
the one I yearn to see
when I can slip away
for a clandestine rendezvous.
Furtive hours
of stolen kisses
that must remain our secret
between we two.
The one who gets excited
to know I’m seeing her.
Mia Cumare.
Mia Innamorata.
Mia Fidanzata.

I said
I guess that means
that you won’t be telling me
how we should spend our money
or argue how to raise
our children
or forbid me to buy a motorcycle
if I should choose.
It also means
you can’t wake up
in bed with me
each morning,
or sleep…

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Posted: April 15, 2014 in Reblog

Dear Friends,
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
Anastasia 😊

Musings From Under The Beret (18+ Only NSFW)

I sit at my writing desk, sipping my Absinthe and patiently waiting for the muse to take me. I stare at the pristine white paper and start to jot down a few ideas, outlining the description of a female character.

Taking another drink, the words flow from my pencil, covering the page with the vision of the beauty that stands before me in my minds eye. I rest for a moment, reading over what I’ve written, more than pleased with the woman I’ve created.

It’s late and the effects of the strong drink are beginning to take its toll. I lay my pencil down with a sigh and remove my glasses, pinching the bridge of my nose and rubbing my tired eyes.

I don’t know whether it’s the alcohol or tiredness or both, but the words appear to be moving on the page; twisting and writhing with a life of…

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Dear Friends,
Please help me in welcoming back

Shaun formerly of prayingforoneday.

Let’s show him our Love and Support by re-connecting with him.
Much Love,


Posted: March 19, 2014 in Reblog


My Dear Friends,
Please Give a Warm & Wonderful Welcome Back to One of Our Literotica Writers Sal, previously of Raspberry Delights. Stop on by and check out her new site, and Very Sensual & Erotic post. Since her departure she has published her writings available on Amazon.

The Bird

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Reblog

This Beautiful piece of Art resonated with me. Please stop by
XBLACKCATX and check out Jean’s other works of Art.